• Emma

    Hi Nick who is your granddaughter….
    My Peter, is the young boy x Aren’t the kids all fabulous, and a great tune too..I would like to hear it on the radio!!

  • mikron24

    Wow ….really cool new direction is good because Stereo Mc’s will polish for ever …i can’t wait for new Cd . don’t make me wait that long … please play concert in usa ……..

  • London Punks

    WE LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Hans de Neijs-Gouw

    Well, you guys pulled it off again. In the more than 20 years I have followed the band they kept reinventing themselves with fresh tunes and new and daring approaches to their music. This new track has me numbed and almost silenced (which for anyone who knows me is a practically impossible task).

  • tompet

    I like your music. it so often puts me in a situation to view on life in a different way. i´m glad. thank you.

  • stavros

    I think that if STEREO MCs weren’t around , we would have to invent them.Music transcends.Peace Stavros

  • Geoff P

    All ways something new from the Stereo Mcs, fresh , different and thought provoking music. Great stuff, look forward to the album. Need to get this on my phone so i can play it whilst out and about…;)

  • mick warrior

    my grand daughter is in this vidio

    • hot chips

      she is awesome. the video is great!